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Morton Lodge Open Pairs - 26th June 2022


Alan Smith and Catherine Robertson won the Morton Lodge open pairs trophy. Twelve pairs entered this all day Sunday competition starting at 10 am and finishing just before 6pm with the finalists playing a grand total of 68 ends overall.

The pairs were drawn into three groups of 4 teams each playing the other teams in their group over 2 sets of 6 ends with a 3 end tie breaker if equal on sets, with the winner of each group and also the highest runner up go through to the semi finals.

In lovely weather, Smith and Robertson won all the games in their group to play Andy Walterson and Rhona Goudie in the semi final who won two of their 3 games in their group and were semi finalists due to being the best overall runner up pairing. 

The other semi final saw Billy Hay and Eric Muir top of their group winning two games ahead of Bob Brandie and Ewan MacRitchie who only lost out on shot difference, to go against Donald Campbell and Dale Robertson who won all their games in their group.

Hay and Muir went through to the final beating Campbell and Robertson in two straight sets to meet Smith and Robertson who needed a tie break to beat Walterson and Goudie in their semi final.

In the final which was played over 2 sets of nine ends, Hay and Muir won the first set by 13 shots to 1 but the second set saw a reversal of fortunes and Smith and Robertson won this set by 10 shots to 3. So with both teams winning one set there was an exciting one end tiebreak which Smith won with his very last bowl running off another bowl in the head to get his bowl closest to the jack to win the match and the trophy. 

Club president, Caroline Smith thanked everyone who contributed to the lunchtime refreshments and asked Ian Scott representing Morton Lodge to present the trophy.

Ian Scott, centre, with winners Catherine Robertson and Alan Smith

Mundie Mid Summer Cup - 18th June 2022

On a very windy Saturday afternoon and, thankfully, the rain holding off until the final round, 16 bowlers turned up to compete for the Mundie Cup which was won by Alan Smith. 

In this fun individual competition each bowler keeps their own scorecard, scoring 3 points if their shot is nearest the jack, 2 points for second placed bowl and a single shot for third place. The 8 teams compete against a different team on a different rink over 3 rounds of 6 ends.

After the first round Andy Walterson was in the lead with 17 shots over second placed Anne Robertson on 16 shots and Ewen Macritchie third, just behind with 15 shots.

Alex Elphinstone jumped into joint lead with Anne Robertson after the 12th end, both now on 25 shots and Ewen MacRitchie on 24 shots.

However, on the final round of 6 ends Smith scored 14 shots to jump into first place position with a total of 34 shots ahead of Willie Coutts and Anne Robertson in joint second on 33 shots.

Alan Smith with the Mundie Mid Summer Cup

Jarmson Two Bowl Mixed Pairs - 11th June 2022

Ian Scott (skip) and Rosie Jamieson beat Billy Hay (skip) and Angela Gifford in a close final match of the Jarmson two bowl mixed pairs competition.

Eight pairs entered and were drawn into two groups, red and black, with the winners of each group progressing to the final. Each game was over 10 ends with teams from the red group playing against teams in the black group. In the black group 3 teams, Scott's, Tam Terris (skip) and Ann Napier, and also Alex Elphinstone (skip) and Anne Robertson finished on the maximum 6 points with Scott's team progressing to the final having the highest shot count, 37 shots while Elphinstone's  side had 36 and Terris' scored 35.

Meanwhile, in the red group, three teams also finished on the same point score with two points, Hay's team, Eric Muir (skip) and Joan Nicolson, and also Ewen MacRitchie (skip) and Elma Scott. Two of these teams also finished with 21 total shots scored so shots against were taken into account to determine the winning team of the group. When these were calculated, Hay and Gifford progressed to the final on -4 with Ewen MacRitchie (skip) and Elma Scott behind on -9.

In the final, played in increasingly wet and windy conditions, some excellent bowls nevertheless continued to be delivered. Hay's side won 2 shots on the first end before dropping 3 on the next and by the 5th end were 3 shots adrift of Scott's team. However after the 7th end the game was all level on 6 shots and on the next two ends, Scott and Jamieson drew closer to the jack with some precision bowling to go ahead 9-6 into the final end and although they dropped a single on this end, they held on to win by 9 shots to 7.

While the weather conditions were not favourable to the afternoon bowls, the green played well throughout and the excellent buffet provided by John and Jean Jarmson at half time was much appreciated.

Jean Jarmson (r) presenting the Jarmson Cup to Rosie Jamieson and Ian Scott

Sweetie Lowrie Trophy - 4th June 2022

Colin Gillespie won the Sweetie Lowrie singles knockout competition by beating Ian Scott in the final. Each game in this competition is played over two seven end sets with a 3 end decider set if required.

In the semi finals, Ian Scott beat Brian Freeman by two sets to nil and Colin Gillespie beat Alex Elphinstone, also in two straight sets.

In the final, the first set was very close with Scott leading 4-2 going into the final end when Gillespie scored two shots closer to the jack to tie the set 4-4. Gillespie went on to dominate the second set winning 8-2 to win the Sweetie Lowrie trophy.

Ewen MacRitchie (r) presents Sweetie Lowrie trophy to Colin Gillespie

Platinum Jubilee Sweepstake - 3rd June 2022

A "once in a lifetime" Jubilee sweepstake took place in glorious sunshine when 28 members were divided into pairs and triples, with the pairs playing 16 ends and the triples playing 14 ends and the team with the highest shot difference would be declared the winners.

On this occasion, the winning team was the triple of Keiran Thomson, in his first year of playing the game, Bob Brandie and Brian Freeman. They were presented with trophies containing specially engraved discs, commemorating the Jubilee by the President, Caroline Smith.

Special mention should go to Anne Barron and Ann Napier for providing a super buffet and to Tam Terris for providing a special cake.


Caroline Smith presenting trophies to the winners

LOBC v Morton Lodge - 28th May 2022

Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club team, captained by Tam Terris, had a convincing win over Gordon Stevenson's Morton Lodge side in the annual one day competition at Lerwick outdoor bowling green. 

24 bowlers entered this competition and were drawn into 4 teams of triples for each side with all games played over sixteen ends, the overal total shots for each side determining the winner.

In the first game the Morton Lodge team of Gordon Stevenson, Gibbie Pottinger and Ian Scott had a win over John Jarmson, Jean Jarmson and Theresa Terris 15 -11 and the other win by Morton Lodge saw Ewen MacRitchie, John Anderson and John Sharp beat Billy Hay, Eric Muir and Sandy Stewart 15 -10 .

However the LOBC team of Elma Scott, Margaret Johnson and Sandy Wylie against Alan Smith, Rosie Jamieson and Ronnie Gair scored highly, winning 23 - 8 and Tam Terris, Anne Barron and George Young for LOBC also had a very convincing win over Alex Elphinstone, Anne Robertson and Bob Brandie in their game winning 20 - 1.

So although each team won two games, the overall total shots scored by LOBC were 64 to Morton Lodge's 39 to give the LOBC a decisive victory.

Gordon Stevenson presents trophy to Tam Terris

George Wilson Mixed Pairs - 21st May 2022


Alex Elphinstone (skip) and Anne Robertson won the George Wilson mixed pairs trophy for the second year running as the only pairing out of 12 teams entered to win all three of their matches. 

In this competition teams are awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw and if teams are tied on points following their games, shot difference determines the winners.  

In their first set of 7 ends Elphinstone and Robertson beat Mike Bailey (skip) and Ann Barron 12 - 3 followed by a win over Tam Terris (skip) and Shauna Terris 9-4.  In their final match of the afternoon, despite dropping 6 shots on the first end to Andy Walterson (skip) and Rhona Goudie they went on to win by 12 shots to 7 to retain the trophy with maximum 6 points. 

In second place were Colin Gillespie (skip) and Debs Morgan who were the only other pairing to not lose a game winning two and drawing one to end on 5 points.


Anne Robertson and Alex Elphinstone winners of the George Wilson trophy

Newhills Quaich - 14th May 2022

In a high turnout of bowlers, Willie Coutts (skip), Jean Jarmson and Rosie Jamieson won the Newhills Quaich trophy, a two bowl triples competition.

Thirty bowlers were drawn into 10 teams and each team of 3 played 3 games of 7 ends, receiving 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Coutts' team drew their first game against John Jarmson (skip), Anne Barron and John Sharp but then went on to win their next 2 matches by beating Alan Smith (skip) David Leask and Ronnie Gair as well as Ewen McRitchie (skip) Bob Hamilton and Mike Bailey. 

In second place on 4 points with only 1 loss was a new club member of Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club, Debbie Leask playing as skip alongside her team of Graham Wiseman and Sandy Stewart. In this keenly contested competition 5 teams finished with three points and the remaining 3 won 2 points.

Caroline Smith, LOBC president presents Newhills Quaich to Rosie Jamieson, Willie Coutts and Jean Jarmson

Robbie Watt Shield - 7th May 2022


Willie Coutts was the overall winner of the Robbie Watt shield following three rounds of play at King Harald Street bowling green.

Twenty members of Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club entered this competition and were drawn separately into pairs for each game. The player with the highest total score at the end of the 3 games wins the competition.

Coutts won with a total shot count of 33, closely followed by Caroline Smith and Shauna Terris in joint second place with 30 shots.

Caroline Smith, club president presents Willie Coutts with Robbie Watt shield

Opening Of The Green - 1st May 2022

It was near perfect weather conditions for the opening day of Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club 2022 summer season and 32 bowlers took part in the traditional President versus the Vice-President competition.

Joan Nicolson, a long time member and supporter of the club was given the honour of delivering the first jack of the season. In addition to the excellent weather, the bowlers commented on the good condition of the green which is due to the hours of work put in by the volunteer greenkeepers put in the run up to the start of the season. 

Following fourteen ends of play by the 6 teams, Caroline Smith, President was presented with the trophy by the Vice President, Willie Coutts winning by an overal score of 90 shots against 84.  The president thanked the members who provided the half time refreshments and wished everyone a good bowling season.

Joan Nicolson delivering the first jack of the season


Willie Coutts presenting Caroline Smith with the trophy

2022 Season Dates Announced


The 2022 outdoor bowling season dates have been announced with the opening of the green commencing on 1st May


Membership And Competition Form Available Soon


Membership forms will be made available for the 2022-2023 season at the club house on 1st May from 1:30pm. It can also be downloaded and printed using the link below.


Membership and Premier Competition form22.pdf
Click here to download Membership and Competition Form