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LOBC v Royal British Legion - 6th September 2015

On Sunday afternoon the Bowling Club played its annual match against the Royal British Legion. The winners on this occasion were the players representing the Bowling Club.

Each side was represented by four triples and play was over sixteen ends.

At the halfway point, the Bowling club had a total of 35 shots to the Legion’s 23. The Legion players rallied in the second half of the game and did pull back but the Bowling Club won by 61 shots to 58.

Legion team Captain Ian Scott presented the cup to Bowling Club President Tam Terris and thanked everyone for a good competitive match.

Legion Team Captain Ian Scott (L) presents the British Legion Challenge Cup to Club President Tam Terris

Champion of Champions - 5th September 2015

The Champion of Champions trophy was won on Saturday afternoon by Madge Fotheringham.

The five players who had shared the club’s singles trophies among them took part in a round robin competition with each game being played over six ends. The player with the highest total number of shots at the end of play would win the competition.

As the competition progressed it became clear that the trophy would be going to one of the three ladies. When the last bowl had been played, Caroline Smith had a total of 26 shots but Madge, with a total of 29 shots won the trophy.

Club President Tam Terris presented Madge with the trophy and thanked all who had officiated as markers during the competition.

Club President Tam Terris (R) presents the Champion of Champions Cup to Madge Fotheringham

LOBC v Morton Lodge - 30th August 2015

Sunday afternoon saw the Bowling Club play its annual match against Morton Lodge 89 which resulted in victory for Morton Lodge.

Each side fielded three triples and two pairs. The triples played sixteen ends while the pairs played eighteen.

At the halfway point scores were 47 for the Bowling Club and 41 for Morton Lodge. As the game progressed it was clear that the end result would be very close, and it was. When play finished both sides had scored 89 shots. The rules dictate that, in the event of a draw, the number of ends won should be counted. This was done and the Bowling club had won 41 ends but Morton Lodge had won 43 giving victory to the Masonic team.

Bowling Club President Tam Terris presented the trophy to the Morton Lodge team captain, Donald Campbell and, in doing so, expressed his gratitude to all who had contributed to the catering and praised the standard of play witnessed on the green.

Bowling Club President Tam Terris (right) presents the Morton Lodge Trophy to Donald Campbell

Last Ditch Trophy - 29th August 2015

On Saturday afternoon five players competed for the Last Ditch Trophy which was won by Norrie Wiseman.

This competition is for all members who have not won any trophy during the playing season, including runner up trophies. The competition was played in a round robin manner and the total number of shots score would determine the winner. Each game was played over five ends.

From quite an early stage it was clear that the trophy would go to either Norrie or to Derek Baines. After playing their first two games, Derek had scored 14 shots and Norrie 9. At the end of their third games both of these players had a total of 20 shots. As luck would have it, Derek and Norrie played each other in their final game. On the first end, Norrie scored three shots giving him the advantage. Typical of Norrie, the next jack was full length. Derek played well, but he just could not beat Norrie on a long jack and the game eventually ended with the score 6 – 1 in Norrie’s favour. This made their final scores 21 for Derek and 26 for Norrie.

Bowling Club President Tam Terris (right) presents the Last Ditch Trophy to Norrie Wiseman

Finals of the Premier Competitions - 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2015

On Saturday morning the matches played were the Handicap and the Veterans.

Handicap: Madge Fotheringham (-1) 21 Tam Terris (-5) 11

Tam made the better start in this game and was leading by 5 shots to 1 after six ends. However, Madge is not known to give up very easily and she came back to regain her four shot advantage by end eleven, leading 9 – 5. The next four ends were pretty evenly shared but then Madge had a run of winning six ends without reply taking her into a 19 shots to 9 lead. Tam scored two shots on the next ends, but Madge countered with two shots on the following end to win the Handicap Championship.

Veterans: John Jarmson 12 Alex Elphinstone 11

This match was played over fifteen ends and Alex began well taking a lead of 6 shots to 4 after five ends. Over the next five ends John fought back to level the scores at 8 shots each after ten ends. Play continued to be very tight and with fourteen ends played the score was 11 shots each. So, it was all down to a one end “shoot out”! John’s luck held on this occasion and he scored the single shot needed to win the game and the Veterans Championship.

Saturday afternoon saw the Finals of the Gent’s and Ladies’ Championships take place.

Ladies’ Championship: Jean Jarmson 18 Caroline Smith 21

Caroline made a very strong start to this game and after eight ends was holding a 12 – 2 lead. Jean then began a fight back scoring three shots on each the next two ends. With sixteen ends played the score was 16 – 15 in Caroline’s favour. Over the next three ends they both scored another three shots, making the score 19 – 18 for Caroline. The next two ends were both won by Caroline by one shot, giving her the Ladies’ Championship.

Gent’s Championship: Ewen MacRitchie 9 Tam Terris 21

Ewen never really got into this game. From the first end, Tam was in charge of the game holding a 7 shots to 4 lead after six ends and increasing this to 15 shots to 6 after twelve ends. Matters did not improve for Ewen over the rest of the game and Tam won the Championship on the nineteenth end.

On Sunday afternoon another two finals were played.

Ladies League: Jean Jarmson 1.5 Eleanor Black 0.5

This match was the best of three sets of ten ends. Both players made a steady start to the first set and at the half way point there was only one shot in it, Eleanor leading by 5 shots to 4. Over the next five ends, Jean was able to square things up and the set was tied at 8 shots each. Jean began stronger in the second set taking an early lead. With five ends played Jean had scored 5 shots to Eleanor’s 1. Despite playing good bowls, Eleanor was not able to catch Jean who won the set by 12 shots to 5. This meant that Jean won the League by one and a half sets to a half.

Greens Championship: Gibbie Pottinger 10 Tam Terris 21

Tam began this match strongly, scoring four shots on the first two ends and forcing Gibbie to chase the game. With six ends played, Tam was leading by 8 shots to 2. The next six ends saw Tam move into a 13 – 6 lead. But Gibbie wasn’t going to lie down yet. He scored 4 shots on the next end and the game began to look more interesting, even if for only one end. Tam countered with a three on the next end and then went on to win another five ends without reply, taking his score to the magic 21 shots and giving him the Championship.

On Monday afternoon the last of the Finals was played.

Gent’s League: Tam Terris 2 Alan Smith 0

As was the case in the Ladies’ League Final this match was played over the best of three sets of ten ends. Alan made the better start to this match taking the first three ends to lead by 3 shots to 0. But he then had to yield to Tam’s more accurate play and Tam went on to win the first set by 11 shots to 3. In the second set, Alan picked up four shots on the fourth end to take a 6 – 1 lead. Both players scored a single shot over the next two ends. However, Tam then took control and ran out the winner by 9 shots to 7 thus winning the League by 2 sets to 0.

Club Secretary John Jarmson (l) presents the Greens Trophy to Tam Terris

Morton Lodge Open Pairs - 8th August 2015

The Morton Lodge 89 Open Pairs Competition was won this year by Ian Scott and Skip Gordon Stevenson.

Play started at ten o’clock on Saturday morning with eight pairs taking part. Each game was played over two sets of six ends with a deciding set of three ends, if necessary, in which ends won counted rather than shots scored. The pairs were split into a red section and a black section and each pair played the other three in each section. Every round was limited to one hour fifteen minutes, just in case play was slow.

When the section stage was completed, Anne Robertson and Skip Alex Elphinstone played against Ewen MacRitchie and Skip Alan Smith in one semi-final while Ian and Gordon took on Jean Jarmson and Skip John Jarmson in the other one.

In the first of these games, Ewen and Alan won the first set by 7 shots to 4 and then went on to win the second set by 6 shots to 2.

The other semi-final was much closer. The first set was drawn at 5 shots each. In the second set Ian and Gordon scored more heavily than Jean and John and won it by 7 shots to 4. So the final was between Ian and Gordon and Ewen and Alan.

In this competition, the final is over two sets of nine ends making it more demanding than the earlier rounds. Both pairs scored two shots over the first four ends. Ewen and Alan scored two on the following end, but Ian and Gordon came back scoring six shots over the next three ends to lead 8 – 4 going into the last end of the set. Ewen and Alan did score one shot but lost the first set by 8 shots to 5. In the second set, Ian and Gordon made a much stronger start and were leading by 12 shots to 1 after seven ends. This put real pressure on Ewen and Alan who were unable to score the twelve shots needed and so conceded defeat after eight ends.

Donald (Blondie) Campbell, acting on behalf of Morton Lodge 89, presented the victorious pair with the trophy and also thanked all who had taken part as well as heaping praise on the ladies who had provided lunch.

Donald Campbell (centre) presents the Morton Lodge 89 Cup to Ian Scott (left) and Gordon Stevenson

Kirkwall Triples - 2nd August 2015

A new competition came into being this year – the Kirkwall Triples. Triples were invited form all over Scotland and a very well organised competition with twenty-four triples was run last weekend on the Kirkwall green.

Two triples from Shetland entered. Ian Scott, Elma Scott and Skip Ewen MacRitchie who have tasted success in the St Fergus Triples in Wick last year and this year took part in the competition as did Jean Jarmson, Findlay Jack and Skip John Jarmson.

Unfortunately, these two triples were drawn in the same section which meant there was not likely to be an all Shetland final!! The group stage games were played on Saturday and both Shetland triples progressed to play on Sunday- Ewen’s triple for the Plate and John’s triple for the main trophy.

The two teams reached their respective finals but then, sadly, as John said, “Da wheels cam aff da hurly!” However, they all had played some excellent bowls and enjoyed the competition which evidenced the superb hospitality of which Orcadians are capable. It has to be said that it was very rewarding to see the two Shetland teams finish as runners up for the two trophies.

(l to r) Findlay Jack, Jean Jarmson, John Jarmson, Ewen MacRitchie, Elma Scott and Ian Scott with their trophies

George Robertson Trophy - 1st August 2015

On Saturday afternoon four rinks (teams of four players) competed for the George Robertson Memorial Trophy which was won this year by Pat Hunter, Theresa Terris, Shauna Terris and Skip Tam Terris.

Play was over three sets of five ends with two points being awarded for a win and one point for a draw. When all the sets had been played Tam’s rink had a total of five points as had Gordon Stevenson, Ronnie Gair, Eleanor Black and Skip Alex Elphinstone.

Shots scored were then looked at and Alex’s team had a total of 18 shots but Tam’s rink had scored 27 shots and so won the trophy.

The Moira Smith Ladies Pairs and Jim Laurenson Trophy Mens Pairs - 25th July 2015

The Moira Smith Ladies Pairs competition was played on Saturday and was won by Anne Barron and Skip Margaret Johnson. This is a knock out competition and four pairs competed for the trophy. Each game is played over ten ends. In the semi-finals, Cathy Leask and Skip Babs Mundie lost a rather one-sided battle 16-4 against Jean Jarmson and Skip Madge Fotheringham while Anne and Margaret had a much tighter game, against Eleanor Black and Skip Pat Hunter, winning by 7 shots to 6.

So Jean and Madge faced up to Anne and Margaret in the final. Scoring four shots on the first end gave Jean and Madge a great start. However, Anne and Margaret came back at them and, after five ends, the score was 6 – 5 for Jean and Madge. Anne and Margaret then took the lead only for Jean and Madge to catch up on the penultimate end and tie the scores at 10 shots each. In the final end, Anne was lying one shot when the two Skips went to play. With her last bowl, Madge took out the shot bowl to lie game.

Margaret, in turn played an excellent bowl to take the shot and win the trophy for her and Anne.

While the above competition was being played, five men’s pairs were battling it out for the Jim Laurenson Trophy in which the victors were Ian Scott and Skip Ewen MacRitchie. Like the ladies’ competition, this is a knock out even with each game being played over ten ends.in the quarter-final, Mike Bailey and Skip Gordon Stevenson played well but lost by 9 shots to 7 to Findlay Jack and Skip John Jarmson. These two continued their winning ways in their semi-final beating Euan Fotheringham and Skip Tam Terris by 14 shots to 6. In the other semi-final, Ian and Ewen won by 10 shots to 6 against Norrie Wiseman and Skip Alex Elphinstone.

Findlay and John made a poor start to the final losing four shots over the first two ends. They did pull back to trail 5 – 4 after five ends, but this was not to be their day and Ian and Ewen won the final by 13 shots to 7.

Club President Tam Terris presented the two victorious pairs with their trophies and complimented everyone on the standard of play. He also thanked those who had provided food and refreshments.

Club President Tam Terris (centre) Presents the Moira Smith Trophy to (l to r) Anne Barron and Margaret Johnson while also presenting the Jim Laurenson Trophy to Ewen MacRitchie and Ian Scott.

George Wilson Mixed Pairs - 19th July 2015

On Sunday afternoon ten pairs competed for the George Wilson Memorial Trophy. This is a mixed pairs competition and the winners this year were Eleanor Black and Gibbie Pottinger. The pairs were drawn into blacks and reds and then they all played three sets of seven ends with two points being awarded for a win and one for a draw.

When play was over, Eleanor and Gibbie had won all their games as had Ian and Elma Scott. The rules then dictated that shot difference should be looked at. Ian and Elma had a positive shot difference of 9 but Eleanor and Gibbie had plus 20 giving them victory on the day.

Club President Tam Terris (left) Presents the George Wilson Cup to Gibbie Pottinger and Eleanor Black.

Jarmson Two Bowls Mixed Pairs - 18th July 2015

Ten pairs entered for the Two Bowl Mixed Pairs competition on Saturday afternoon when the winning couple were Jean and John Jarmson.

The ten pairs were split into two sections, one of six pairs and one of four. In each section pairs played games of ten ends with two points being awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

The winners of section one were Pat Hunter and Skip Ewen MacRitchie while Jean and John won section two. So these two pairs face each other in the final which was also played over ten ends.

Jean and John made a strong start to this game and were leading by 7 shots to 0 after five ends. Pat and Ewen then scored a double on end six and were looking like coming back into the game. However, a tied end did not help their cause and simply gave Jean and John more hope of victory. Pat and Ewen won two of the remaining three ends, but it was too little too late and so Jean and John won the final by 10 shots to 5 and claimed the trophy.

Club President Tam Terris (left) presents the Two Bowl Mixed Pairs trophy to Jean and John Jarmson

St Fergus Wick Triples - 5th July 2015

Twelve bowlers travelled to Wick to take part in the annual St. Fergus Open Triples Competition. This competition was won last year by Ian Scott, Elma Scott and Skip Ewen MacRitchie.  And they did it again this year!

On Saturday the preliminary rounds were played in Thurso and Wick although play was suspended in Wick due to the greens being flooded. However, play was resumed at five o’clock. The Shetland bowlers were amazed at how quickly the greens dried out!

Ewen’s triple was the only Shetland one to progress to Sunday’s play. In their first two games on Sunday they were at the Rosebank Green which is Council owned and has been greatly improved over the past two years.

In both these games, play was very tight and the Shetlanders came through over the last few ends to take the game. So they then went on to play the quarter finals at the St. Fergus Club Green.

Once more their games were close but they won through to take the championship for the second year running.

Worthy of note is the fact that, on Sunday, Ian, Elma and Ewen played a total of 75 ends of bowls and each of their five games lasted for two hours – a total of ten hours bowling. Well done, you three, we are truly proud of you!

John Robertson, St Fergus Bowling Club (Ext right) presents the cheque and trophies to (l to r) Ian, Elma and Ewen.

STS Trophy - 4th July 2015

Sixteen bowlers competed in the STS trophy on Saturday afternoon. The rules of the STS trophy are one game of nine ends determining the two winning teams. These two teams then play against each other on a new rink while the losing teams play each other on another new rink, again over nine ends. The team with the highest score for the day are crowned the winners.


On rink three, Theresa Terris, Mike Bailey, Shauna Terris and skip Gordon Stevenson played against Eleanor Black, George Terris, Euan Fotheringham and skip Babs Mundie. At the start of the game, Gordon’s team scored better, scoring threes and fours which gave them an early lead that Babs's team couldn't match. The score being 12-7 to Gordon.


On rink four, Joan Nicholson, Margaret Johnson, Ronnie Gair and skip Stuart Terris played against Pat Hunter, Steve Duncan, Madge Fotheringham and skip Paul Govier. Stuart's team initially won the first few ends but Paul's team came back and scored heavily at the end of the game. The score being 10-8 to Paul.


These results meant that Theresa, Mike, Shauna and Gordon played against Pat, Steve, Madge and Paul on rink two and Eleanor, George, Euan and Babs played against Joan, Margaret, Ronnie and Stuart on rink five.


Over the next nine ends on rink two, Gordon's team was a steady win with six ends being won but being held to 1 point per end. The final score being 18 for Gordon's team and 15 for Paul's team.


On rink five, Stuart's team made a good start and after 6 ends were 6 points in the lead. However Bab's team came back in the last 3 ends to make it a close game. The final score being 16 for Stuart's team and 14 for Bab's team.


This made the winners of the STS Trophy Theresa Terris, Mike Bailey, Shauna Terris and skip Gordon Stevenson. The trophy and cash prizes were presented by Stuart Terris of Shetland Technical Solutions. The club would also like to thank Shetland Technical Solutions for their continued support and donations.


(left to right) Theresa Terris, Mike Bailey, Skip Gordon Stevenson and Shauna Terris accept the STS Trophy

Crown Green - 27th June 2015

Twenty members took part in the annual fun competition played in Crown Green Fashion on Saturday afternoon and this year the winners were Jean Jarmson and Bob Brandie. The players were sorted into ten pairs which formed two sections with each section being played in round robin manner. Each player had three bowls and each game was played over eight ends. The top team in each section would go forward to play in the final.

With the sections completed, Norrie Wiseman and Alan Smith were the outright winners in the red section with three wins and a draw. However, the black section was much tighter. Ian Scott and Ewen McRitchie had three wins to their credit as did Jean and Bob. Counting back, Ian and Ewen had a shot difference of plus 6 while Jean and Bob had plus 15. So, Jean and Bob proceeded to the final. Due to the pressures of time it was decided that the final should be played over four ends instead of eight. Norrie and Alan started well scoring two shots on the first end. The second end went to Jean and Bob who scored three shots. They also took the third end with one shot leaving their opponents requiring at least two shots on the final end. Alan and Norrie did win the last end but only by one shot so Jean and Bob won the final by 4 shots to 3.

Club President Tam Terris presented the victorious pair with the trophy and in so doing he also thanked all who had helped provide food and refreshments as well as proposing a big thank to Mike Bailey for organising the competition.

Club President Tam Terris (extreme right) presents the Crown Green Trophy to Jean Jarmson and Bob Brandie

Mundie Midsummer Cup - 20th June 2015

On Saturday afternoon, the Mundie Midsummer Cup was won by Stanley Robertson. Eighteen players took part in this competition which is designed to be a fun afternoon. Players play three sets of six ends in which they all change position after each end and the scoring method is quite different!

After the first six ends, Tan Terris had scored 11 shots to lie in third place behind Elam Scott and Stanley Robertson who had both scored 12 shots. Over the next six ends, Tam pulled further ahead, moving on to 23 shots while Stanley reached 22 shots and Elma 21.

At the end of the competition, Theresa Terris had crept into third place with 26 shots while Tam dropped to second place on 31 shots and Stanley took the trophy with a final total of 33 shots.

Babs Midie presents the Mundie midsummer cup to Stanley Robertson

S.T.A.G.S. Inter Club Competition - 23rd May 2015

On Saturday afternoon John Anderson, Caroline Smith, Ewen MacRitchie and Skip Alan Smith won the S.T.A.G.S. Inter Club Competition. With seven teams entered for the competition, it was decided to run it as a knock out this year with each game being played over six ends.

Some very good bowls were played during the afternoon and the weather was very pleasant. With the first round and semi-finals played Alan’s rink faced last year’s winners, Ernie Munro, Jean Jarmson, Ian Scott and Skip John Jarmson in the final. Of course, as in every sport, luck plays a part in the game of bowls. Well, the luck they had enjoyed in their first two games deserted John’s rink in the final. With five ends played, Alan’s side had built up a lead of 10 shots to 1. Since it was by this time impossible for John’s team to catch up they conceded defeat.

Club President Tam Terris present the S.T.A.G.S. Trophy to Alan and his team and thanked all who had taken part as well as expressing appreciation for the food and refreshments provided by members.

Club President Tam Terris (extreme right) presents the S.T.A.G.S. Trophy to (l to r) Alan Smith, John  Anderson, Ewen MacRitchie and Caroline Smith

Newhills Quaich - 16th May 2015

Eight triples competed in the Newhills Quaich Two Bowl Triples competition on Saturday when the victorious trio were Stanley Robertson, Ronnie Gair and Skip Tam Terris. The competition was played over three sets of seven ends with two points being awarded for a win and one for a draw.

With all bowls played, in third place were Findlay Jack, Elma Scott and Skip Alan Smith who had scored four points. However, two triples tied for top spot with three wins each. They were Stanley, Ronnie and Tam and Anne Robertson, Madge Fotheringham and Skip Euan Fotheringham. The rules then directed that shots for and against be taken into account. Euan’s triple had a positive shot difference of 12 while Tam’s team had plus 21.

Thus Stanley, Ronnie and Tam claimed the Quaich. The Club’s Assistant Secretary, Catherine Robertson then presented the winners with the Quaich. Club President Tam Terris thanked all who had taken part and also thanked those who had provided food and refreshments for the afternoon.

Assistant Secretary Catherine Robertson presenting the Newhills Quaich to (l to r) Stanley Robertson, Tam Terris and Ronnie Gair.

Red Robbie Watt Shield - 9th May 2015

The Red Robbie Shield was won on Saturday afternoon by Jean Jarmson. Twenty-four bowlers took part in the competition which was played over three sets of seven ends.

With seven ends played Euan Fotheringham, Catherine Robertson and Paul Govier had each scored 10 shots to lead by one shot over Jean, Elma Scott and Madge Fotheringham. The next seven ends saw Elma and Euan move on to 18 shots each while Jean, Madge and Findlay Jack had totalled 16 each. Over the last seven ends Euan scored well to finish on 30 shots only to be pipped at the post by Jean who had a final total of 31 shots.

Club President Tam Terris presented Jean with the Red Robbie Shield and thanked all who had taken part in the competition. He also thanked all who had contributed to the food and refreshments.

Bowling Club President Tam Terris presents the Red Robbie Shield to Jean Jarmson

Opening Of The Green - 2nd May 2015

Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club held its first sweepstake of the new season on Saturday afternoon in brilliant sunshine. Once again the President took on the Vice-president and, on this occasion victory went to the Vice-president’s side.

Twenty-six bowlers took part in the competition which was started by Theresa Terris rolling the first jack of the season. It was agreed that the triples would play sixteen ends while the pairs played eighteen. At the half way stage the Vice-president’s team were leading by 42 shots to 30. The standard of play across the green was really very good with some new members acquitting themselves well. Both sides scored well in the second half of the match but the President’s side could not catch up and, in the end, they lost by 80 shots to 68.

Club President Tam Terris presented the Newhills Globe to Vice-president Stanley Robertson and in doing so he complimented all the players on their play as well as thanking all who had contributed food for the occasion.

Theresa Terris delivers the first jack of the outdoor season
Club President Tam Terris (right) presents the Newhills Globe to Vice-president Stanley Robertson

Bowlers Visit Mainland Bowling Greens - 25th April 2015

Ewen MacRichie, Caroline and Alan Smith visited Grangemouth Bowling green for the annual competition. The Shetland team did very well getting though to the quarter finals.

Ewen, Caroline and Alan would like to thank the clubs for their hospitality and there extended welcome to other LOBC players, with a special mention for Stuart Bell at Grangemouth bowling club and Graham at the Edinburgh West End Bowling club..

Easter Competition - 11th April 2015

Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club held its Easter Indoor competition on Sunday afternoon when the winners were Stanley Robertson and Skip Paul Govier. Despite a rather disappointing turnout, everyone who took part enjoyed their afternoon’s play. It was decided to play three rounds and each game would be played over five ends.

After the first two rounds, each pair had won one game and lost one game. So every pair had a chance of winning. At the end of play two pairs had scored two wins: Donald (Blondie) Campbell and Skip John Jarmson and, of course, Stanley and Paul. Blondie and John had amassed a total of thirteen shots while Stanley and Paul had eighteen shots. So, Stanley and Paul were declared the winners and Club President Tam Terris presented them with their prizes. He also thanked all who had participated as well as thanking the members who had provided food and refreshments.

(l to r) Stanley Robertson and Paul Govier receive their prizes from Club President Tam Terris

Streamline Shipping Cup - 1st March 2015


On Sunday afternoon Lerwick Outdoor Bowling club held its first competition for the Streamline Shipping Cup. Eight triples took part in a very well contested competition which resulted in victory for John Anderson, Sandy Stewart and Skip Ewen MacRitchie.

The eight triples were split into two groups of four and then each group played a round robin competition with each game being played over seven ends with a fifty minute “no more jacks” time limit.

With the group sections completed, Ewen’s triple had won all their games and so proceeded to play in the final. The other group was more closely competed. Two triples had a draw and two wins to their credit. In doing a count back it was found that both triples had a positive shot difference of 14 shots. However, Alex Elphinstone’s triple had scored a total of 18 shots as opposed to 20 shots scored by Joe Sim, Ronnie Gair and Skip Bob Brandie. So, Bob’s triple went through to play against Ewen’s triple.

Both sides played good bowls in the final but luck deserted Bob’s triple. Ewen and company moved ahead from the first end and, try as they might, Bob’s team just could not catch up. In the end, Ewen’s triple won the match by 8 shots to 2.

Club President Tam Terris congratulated all who had taken part on the good standard of play. He made particular mention of the newer member who had given a very good account of themselves. The Streamline Shipping Cup was then presented to the winning team by Streamline Shipping representative, Gillian MacDonald.

 (l to r) john Anderson, Sandy Stewart and Skip Ewen MacRitchie are presented with the Streamline Shipping Cup by Gillian MacDonald.

2015 Season Dates Announced Soon


The 2015 outdoor bowling season dates will be announced soon.


Membership Forms Available Soon


Membership forms will be made available for the 2015-2016 season soon. If you require a membership form, please contact John Jarmson using the Contact page.

Please have all completed forms and fee's to the club BEFORE opening of the Green.