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L.O.B.C. v Royal British Legion - 2nd September 2018

Sunday the final day of season saw L.O.B.C play the British Legion in a 16 end triples match. After 8 ends the score was 39- 25 to L.O.B.C.  In the second half the legion staged a come back and pulled back to just 5 shots in it after 13 ends but in end L.O.B.C won 79- 56.

Joan Nicolson presenting British Legion trophy to Ewen MacRitchie.

Champions of Champions - 1st September 2018

On Saturday saw the Champion of Champions cup been played for by the Premier trophy winners. The five that qualified for final were Tam Terris, Donald Campbell, Anne. Robertson, Scott Hurst and Caroline Smith. Each player played each other over 6 ends and the person with the highest number of shots would win trophy.

This turned out to be another thrilling competition and after 3 games each played Caroline lead with 20 shots followed by Anne on 18  Tam on 17, Scott on 16 and Donald on 11.

It was all to play for in last games. Caroline picked up 3 shots in her final game and Scott picked up 7 putting them equal on 23 shots so it was decided on shot difference.

Scott Hurst had better shot difference so was declared winner. In third place was Donald on 22 shots followed by Tam on 21 and Anne on 18. This is a great achievement by Scott in his first full year at playing bowls.

President Ewen MacRitchie presenting Champion of Champions Trophy to Scott Hurst.

Last Ditch Trophy - 25th August 2018

On Saturday the Last Ditch Trophy was played for. After some very close games the two people that qualified for final were Derek Baines and Jean Jarmson.

The final was played over 3 sets it was set up to be a exciting final. Jean started the strongest getting 2 shots on first end. Derek hit back in second end with 1 shot. In the next 2 ends each player won 1 shot putting Jean 3-2 up going into final end of set. Jean won 2 shots on final end winning first set 5-2.

In the second set Jean went into a 3-0 lead after two ends before Derek hit back with 2 shots in third end. The fourth end proved decisive with Jean winning 3 shots putting her 6-2 up in set. In the last end Derek needed 4 shots to draw but after a very good end by him could only manage 3 shot. This gave Jean Jarmson the trophy 2-0 in sets.

Tam Terris presenting the Last Ditch Trophy to Jean Jarmson.

Works League Finals - 17th August 2018

Thursday say the semi-finals and the Works League after 14 weeks of play.

The first semi final was between Ventures (Celia Hay, Margaret Johnson and Angela Gifford (skip)) and Hjaltland Hurlers (Rhona Goudie, Stan Robertson and Andy Walterson (skip)). This game was played over 8 ends. Venturers started of going into a 5-1 lead after 5 ends thanks to some great lead bowls from Celia Hay and backed up by Margaret Johnson and Angela Gifford. In the last 3 ends it was turn of Rhona Goudie with great leads bowls backed up by Stan Robertson and Andy Walterson who came back to win 7-5 in a exciting game.


The second semi final proved to be another exciting game. This was contested by the Access2000 (Ben Smith, Bob Hamilton and Kevin Ward (skip)) and Post Office (Emma Moncrieff, Ben Stone and Scott Stone{skip)). This game started of with the Post Office going into a 7-0 lead after 4 ends with great lead bowls from Emma Moncrieff. Over the next 3 ends Access2000 scored 8 shots with Ben Smith playing some great bowls to go into a 8-7 lead. In a exciting final end the post office won 2 shots to go through to final 9-8.


The final between Hjaltland Hurlers and Post Office started with the Hurlers going into a 5-0 lead after 3 ends then back came the Post office getting 3 shots over next 2 ends. Hurlers won 2 of last 3 ends to win 8-4 and become Works league Champions.


All players must be congratulated with the standard of bowls that was played on finals night

Works League players

The winning team - The Hjaltland Hurlers, Stan Robertson, Andy Walterson and Rhona Goudie

Finals Weekend - 17th to 19th August 2018

This weekend has been busy for Lerwick bowlers with seven of the premier finals been played.

Friday saw the Veterans Trophy been played for between Tam Terris and Alan Smith over 15 ends. Tam started off the strongest and after 7 ends went into a 7-2 lead. Alan started to get his game together and after 11 end had gone into a 9-11 lead, The 12th end proved to be the decisive end with Alan lying 2 shots he was unlucky to hit the jack with his last bowl and gave Tam 3 shots. Tam went on to win last 2 ends and win match 16- 11.


Saturday saw 3 trophies been played for. These were the Ladies 10 ends, Pairs Trophy and the Handicap Trophy.


Ladies 10 end Trophy

This was contested by Anne Robertson and Elma Scott over the best of 3 sets of 10 ends. In the first set Anne started well taking the first set 13-5. In the 2nd set Elma won 2 shots on first end. With both ladies playing great bowls now there was not much in it and after 8 ends Anne had just slipped into a 7-6 lead. Anne then went on to win last 2 ends by 1 shot and win the set 9-6 and the trophy by 2 – 0 in sets.


Pairs Championship

The two pairs qualifying for this tournament were John Jarmson and Alan Smith (skip) and Jim Odie and Ian Scott (skip).  In a very exciting game Jim and Ian took a 5-1 after 2 ends. John and Alan fought back to take a 11-9  lead after 9 ends. Now it was turn of Jim and Ian to fight back and after 14 ends the score was 13-13. The 15th end was the decisive end with John and Alan getting 4 shots. John and Alan went on to win last 2 ends and win the game 22-13 in a thrilling final.


Handicap Trophy

Scott Hurst (+5) and Tam Terris (scr) contested this final. Tam started off well winning 1 shot on first two ends clawing back a bit on Scott’s handicap. Over the next 10 ends Scott played some excellent bowls and went into a 17-4 lead. Tam was not giving up though and after another 8 ends had got the score back to 16-18. Scott got 3 shots over last 2 ends winning 21-16 in a super game.


Sunday saw another 3 finals, These were the Ladies Championship, Gents Championship and the Greens Championship.


Ladies Championship

In the final Madge Fotheringham and Caroline Smith. Caroline started very strongly going into a 12-0 lead after 5 ends. Madge won next 3 ends but there was no stopping Caroline and she went on to win 21-5.


Gents Championship

Norrie Wiseman an Tam Terris contested this final. There was not much between both player and after 5 ends Tam had a 5-4 lead. Over the next 6 ends Tam increase his lead to 15-8 them over the next 4 ends Norrie came back making the score 15-15 after 17 ends. The 18th end proved to be the decisive end with Tam picking up 4 shots. Norrie tried had to peg it back but Tam clinched game to win 21-16.


Greens Championship

The two qualifiers for this tournament were Scott Hurst and John Jarmson. Scott had a electric start  winning the first 10 ends going into a 17-0 lead. John fought back a bit but it was Scotts day and went on to win 21-7. Congratulations must go to Scott for winning 2 premier tournaments on only his second year playing bowls.

Mens 10 end Trophy

This was played later on 30th August between Tam Terris and Donald Campbell. This turned out to be one of the best games of the season with a very high standard of bowls played by both players. Donald Campbell was the eventual winner in a very close game.

Trophy winners Tam Terris, John Jarmson and Alan Smith, Anne Robertson, Scott Hurst and Carline Smith.

President Ewen MacRitchie presenting Men's 10 End trophy to Donald Campbell.

Sweetie Lowrie Trophies - 12th August 2018

The Sweetie Lowrie Singles took place on Sunday with 8 women and 14 men taking part. These numbers made a change to the standard knockout format with a round robin taking place in the 2 sections, men and women. The top 2 players from each section would go through to their semi finals.

The mens semi finals were Ian Scott vs Scott Hurst and Tam Terris vs Willie Coutts. Terris went through to the final in 2 straight sets over Coutts and Hurst went through after 3 end decider against Scott. Both Terris and Hurst won a set each but eventually Terris won the mens trophy after a deciding 3 ends over Hurst.

The womens semi finals were Caroline Smith vs Elma Scott and Nuy vs Anne Robertson. In close games, Scott and Robertson went through into their finals after both needing a 3 end decider in their respective games. In the final, Robertson won in 2 straight sets over Scott.

I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who took part on a splendid all day event. And a special thank you to Bob Brandie and Ewen Macritchie who organised the event to its success. And a thank you to Mrs Smith and Mrs Graham for presenting the trophies.

Mrs Graham and Mrs Smith presenting the trophies to Anne Robertson and Tam Terris

Mundie Mid Summer Cup - 4th August 2018

Saturday afternoon saw the Mundie Midsummer Cup take place with 10 club members taking part in the event.

It was decided to play a Round Robin of 5 ends with teams in pairs. Although playing in a team of two, players continually change their order of play and keep their own score, rather than that of the team. After all the bowls are played over an end, the bowl nearest the jack gets 3 points, second gets 2 points and third gets one. The person with the highest total score at the end of the afternoon is declared the winner.

The final results were Alex Elphinstone in second place and Bob Hamilton with 6 more points to be declared the winner. Bob was presented with the trophy by Babs Mundie, who along with her husband Geordie, had provided the food and acted as hosts for the afternoon.

Babs Mundie Presenting the cup to Bob Hamilton.

Moira Smith & Jim Laurenson Trohpies - 29th July 2018

There were two trophies at stake on Sunday with the ladies playing a pairs competition for the Moira Smith trophy and the gents playing in pairs for the Jim Laurenson trophy.

The former attracted four entrants with the pairs of Elma Scott and Anne Robertson and Margaret Johnson and Emma Moncrieff making it through to a ten end final. Scott and Robertson got of to a good start, winning the first three ends but by the ninth end, the scores stood at six shots each. The tenth and deciding end saw Johnson and Moncrieff gain the decisive shot and they won the trophy. This was especially pleasing for Moncrieff as she has only started playing bowls this year and this was her first real success.

The men's competition saw eight pairs playing in the knock-out competition and after some excellent bowls, the final was played between Ian Scott and Alex Elphinstone and Norrie Wiseman and Gordon Stevenson, again in a ten end competition. After the first end, the pair of Wiseman and Stevenson were never behind and finished up winning 10 - 7.

The photo shows the two winning pairs from Sunday's competitions. From left to right: Margaret Johnson, Emma Moncrieff, Gordon Stevenson and Norrie Wiseman.

Crown Green Competition - 7th July 2018

On another sunny Saturday afternoon, twenty four outdoor bowlers took part in the annual Crown Green competition where the normal rules for lawn bowls are loosely replaced by those used in the crown green version of the game. The most noticeable difference is that the jack can be sent in any direction rather than down defined rinks. The players were drawn into eight triples which were then divided into reds and blacks playing the other three teams in their section in a round-robin format over eight ends per game. The top two highest scoring teams were to then play a six end final.

The first round saw the triple of Wasana Boubabdee, Derek Baines and Bob Brandie take a commanding lead with a 12 - 1 victory which they followed up in the next three rounds with three more victories to move into the final.

In second place came the team of Margaret Johnson, Eleanor Black and Ian Scott who won three of their games and drew the final one.

The final over six ends saw Baines team leading 4 - 3 going into the last end but Scoot's triple scored three shots to take the trophy.

The photo shows (left to right) Margaret Johnson, Ewen MacRitchie presenting the Crown Green trophy, Ian Scott and Eleanor Black

STS Trophy - 30th June 2018

Sixteen bowlers competed in the STS trophy on a warm summers Saturday afternoon. The rules of the STS trophy are one game of nine ends determining the two winning teams. These two teams then play against each other on a new rink while the losing teams play each other on another new rink, again over nine ends. The team with the highest score for the day are crowned the winners.


On rink three, Theresa Terris, Frank Gilfillan, Gordon Stevenson and skip Derek Baines played against Andy Walterson, Willie Coutts, Stan Robertson and skip Madge Fotheringham. At the start of the game Baines team started strongly scoring 6 by the third end and continued to score strongly. The score being 12-4 to Baines.


On rink four, Ronnie Gair, Tom Walker, Margaret Johnson and skip Sandy Stewart played against Joan Nicolson, Erik Muir, Mike Bailey and skip Kevin Ward. The first four ends were pretty equal but then Ward's team pulled away scoring heavily, the score being 12-5 to Ward.


These results meant that Baines team played against Ward's team on rink two. Stewart's team played against Fotheringham's team on rink five.


Over the next nine ends on rink two, Ward's team scored well giving them an initial lead that couldn't be caught. The final score for the afternoon was 19 for Baines team and 26 for Ward's team.


On rink five, Fotheringham's team scored well against Stewart's team over the nine ends. The final score for the afternoon was 10 for Stewart's team and 18 for Fotheringham's team.


This made the winners of the STS Trophy, Nicolson, Muir, Bailey and skip Ward by 7 points over the Baines team. The trophy and cash prizes were presented by Stuart Terris of Shetland Technical Solutions.


Winners of the STS Trophy Joan Nicolson, Erik Muir, Mike Bailey and skip Kevin Ward presented by Stuart Terris of Shetland Technical Solutions.

Morton Lodge Open Pairs - 17th June 2018

The Morton Lodge Open Pairs saw 14 pairs enter the competition. After the round robin games the top 4 teams qualified for the semi - finals.

In the first semi - final Madge Fotheringham and Tam Terris (skip) beat Bob Hamilton and Donald Campbell (skip) 13-1. The second semi - final saw Margaret Johnson and Scott Hurst (skip) beat Ben Smith and Caroline Smith (skip) 12 - 4.  

In the final Margaret Johnson and Scott Hurst (skip) won 10- 3 over Madge Fotheringham and Tam Terris(skip) with both teams playing some fantastic bowls.

Congratulations to Margaret and Scott who were only team to go through whole tournament without losing a point and played some top class bowls.

Winners of Morton Lodge Open Pairs Scott Hurst and Margaret Johnson. Trophy presented on behalf of Morton Lodge by Donald Campbell.

S.T.A.G.S. Inter Club - 9th June 2018

On Saturday 32 bowlers turned out for the S.T.A.G.S, Inter - Club rinks tournament, Each team played 4 games of 6 ends with the team that wins most games winning the tournament,

After some very close games the team in runner up spot was Ian Scott. Elma Scott. Jean Jarmson and John Jarmson with 3 wins.

The winners were Nuy and Willie Coutts. Andy Walterson and Scott Hurst (skip) with 4 wins.

With Nuy and Willie only started to play bowls this year and Andy and Scott in there second year playing this was great result and congratulations to them all.

S.T.A.G.S winners Scott Hurst, Andy Walterson, Nuy and Willie Coutts with club President Elma Scott

LOBC v Morton Lodge - 2nd June 2018

The outdoor bowling club held there annual fixture against Morton Lodge 89 when twenty four club members split into eight triples. Members of the masonic lodge were supplemented by some "guest" players from the club and played four matches each over sixteen ends, with a refreshment break midway.

At the half way point, the team representing Morton Lodge held a convincing lead in three of the four matches with only the team of Emma Montcrieff, Derek Baines and skip Tam Terris holding a winning score for the club.

The second half of the games did see the club make a bit of a comeback in one of the games but this was balanced by the Morton Lodge team of Anne Robertson, Alex Elphinstone and skip Gordon Stevenson stretching their lead to 20 shots over their opposition.

The final score was Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club 49 shots, Morton Lodge 75.

Gordon Stevenson accepting the trophy from the club President Elma Scott surrounded by the winning Morton Lodge team.

George Wilson Mixed Pairs - 26th May 2018

On Saturday, fine, sunny weather greeted the twelve mixed pairs of outdoor bowlers playing for the George Wilson Trophy.  The teams were split into two sections and played three games of seven ends against different opposition, gaining two points for a win and one point for a draw. The pair with the highest points total at the conclusion of the three games would be the winner. It was pleasing to see some teams comprising of members who have only started playing either this year or last and even more pleasing was to see how well they are playing.

The first two sets of games finished with three teams on maximum points. These were the pairs of Catherine Robertson and Jim Odie, Margaret Johnson and Bob Brandie and Angela Gifford and Billy Hay. However, the final set of games saw the former two pairs lose their games but Gifford and Hay powered to a 10 - 4 victory in their final game to claim the trophy with the maximum of six points.

Runners-up were the pair of Jean and John Jarmson, who had drawn their first game but won their final two to finish on five points.

Angela Gifford and Billy Hay being presented with the George Wilson Trophy.

Newhills Quaich - 19th May 2018

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, the Outdoor Bowling Club held its annual competition for the Newhills Quaich when thirty members competed as ten triples. Teams were drawn to play three games of seven ends with two points for a win and one point for a draw. The team with most points after the three games would be the winner.

After the first two game, the triple of Billy Hay, Bob Brandie and skip Bob Hamilton were in prime position, being the only team to have won both games. However, they lost their final game and this left an unexpected situation where no fewer that six teams finished on four points. 

In this situation, the rules stated that shot difference should count but this still left two teams at the top with identical records. These were Hamilton's team and the one containing Jean Jarmson, Babs Mundie and skip John Jarmson.

To decide the winner, a two bowl shoot-out between the skips of the two teams was held and with Jarmson's second bowl finishing within a foot of the jack it looked to be all over but Hamilton's final bowl finished a couple of inches away from the jack to win the trophy for his team.

Bob Brandie, Bob Hamilton and Billy Hay receiving the Newhills Quaich from club vice-President Ewen MacRitchie.

Robbie Watt Shield - 12th May 2018

On sunny Saturday afternoon, the Outdoor Bowling Club held the Robbie Watt Shield competition. Twenty four players were divided into eight triples and then they played three sets over seven end, with the playing positions and rink numbers being drawn from a hat before every set. The player with the highest shot total after the three ends would win the trophy.

The first set resulted in three low scoring, close games but the triple of Anne Robertson, Ian Scott and Bob Brandie scored 15 shots each, which immediately took them into a commanding lead.

The second set saw this triple split up but Robertson and Scott both gained a further 10 shots in their games to maintain the lead, which no other player could realistically overtake.

The final crucial set saw Scott pick up a further 7 shots but Robertson accumulated 9 shots to win the competition.

The attached photo shows Anne Robertson (on the right) being presented with the Robbie Watt Shield by the club President Elma Scott

Opening of green - 5th May 2018

A dry and sunny day welcomed the start of the season for the Lerwick Outdoor Bowling Club. Thirty members competed in the Opening of the Green competition where all players drew from a hat to decide which triples represented the President and those who would play under the vice-President's banner. The game was played over 16 ends with a mid-match break for a buffet and it would be decided by the total number of shots each team had accumulated.. At the half way point the vice-President, Ewen MacRitchie's, team held a comfortable 20 shot lead but Elma Scott, the President, had a better second half but could not claw back the deficit and it was MacRitchie who collected the trophy with an 83 - 72 victory.

The attached photo shows Ewen MacRitchie being presented with the trophy by the President, Elma Scott

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